The California Business Roundtable's Center for Jobs & the Economy published a report in April outlining the changes in the California labor force between February and March 2017. Based on figures from the California Employment Development Department, total employment rose by 37,100 from February, the number of unemployed dropped by 25,100, and the labor force increased by 12,100. California has seen the greatest increase in seasonally adjusted nonfarm jobs between 2016 - 2017 at 15.9%. However, the report reaffirms what has come to be known as the "Two Californias." Illustrative of the trend, the report indicates that the unemployment rate among Central Valley counties is close to three times higher than the Bay Area. Furthermore, eight of California's Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) made the list of the ten worst unemployment rates nationally; 12 of the 20 worst were located in California. To read the full report, click here.